A Plea to Get Vaccinated

Please get vaccinated.

The only conspiracy is the one that can explain why so many don’t trust the vaccine, while people like former President Trump and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch and Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have ALREADY been vaccinated, months ago.

Please don’t test the lethality of a virus already far more deadly than World War II or any contagion in the last hundred years.

Covid does not care about who you voted for or how much online research you’ve done or how many friends you’ve spoken to or what prayers you’ve said.

The vaccine is the miracle protection you await. Which we all awaited.

Your belief that you won’t catch Covid is NO protection. NO ONE who caught the virus believed they were going to catch it, heroic healthcare workers aside.

Your anger at and distrust of a political and economic and social system that has somehow both made you feel abandoned and under siege…and which feeds the dangerous, self-destructive fuel of resistance and distrust…is not misplaced. But the same technology, that foments our society’s current discord can be the instrument of new collaboration and understanding and affection and far greater unity than humankind has ever seen. Let’s fix things together as we work through respectful disagreements and differing viewpoints. But we need you ALIVE.

The politicians and media and fake influencers pushing false facts will not be at your funeral. They willl not pay the medical bills your family inherits or cover your lost salary. They will not comfort your wife or husband…or your mom or dad…or friends or other family. They will not be at your child’s wedding.

They do NOT know more than the THOUSANDS of scientists and doctors who have spent their lives studying this exact topic…who have read more books and combed through more data in the last year than you will in a lifetime.

A few inconsistent facts or study exceptions do NOT override the OVERWHELMING evidence that the vaccine works and that Covid is the most deadly contagious disease in generations.

Those propagating dangerously incorrect information don’t know you. They don’t care about you. You are not even a statistic to them. You will not be a martyr.

You will be FORGOTTEN by everyone except by the people you hurt the most…the people you love the most…when you die.

To the purveyors of lies, false facts and half-truths of Covid, you are nothing but a necessary death in a selfish, last-gasp struggle to preserve their power and their wealth.

But, to your friends and family, you are an inferno of life…of energy and love.

You are healthy now. Stay healthy. Dramatically reduce the odds of dying from Covid.

Stay for them. For you.

Get vaccinated. Please.

[image from www.pressenza.com]




Wine Merchant. Former corporate lawyer. Former Naval officer. Current husband & father of 3. Brooklyn since 00. Our nation’s ideals are worth fighting for.

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A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union

Wine Merchant. Former corporate lawyer. Former Naval officer. Current husband & father of 3. Brooklyn since 00. Our nation’s ideals are worth fighting for.

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