Our country is good, and not just when Barack Obama is in the White House. Our country is filled with good people of all races and orientations and demographics and professions and religions.

It is unavoidably rooted to a horrifically imperfect past. And it has been undermined in the present day by a demagogue and his enablers. But it has also been sullied by each of us who’ve forgotten at times how to consider things from other perspectives and listen and talk with people we disagree with, while at the same time advancing our just beliefs.

Our country was founded to form, as the Constitution says, a MORE perfect union. Perfection itself is for the gods. As humans condemned to our imperfect state, we have the obligation to embrace forgiveness and compromise while pursuing that mandate.

There is much to be ashamed of in the American past, but I am nevertheless proud to be an American.

Wine Merchant. Former corporate lawyer. Former Naval officer. Current husband & father of 3. Brooklyn since 00. Our nation’s ideals are worth fighting for.